Hann Tucker were appointed as acoustic consultants for the redevelopment of the Leicester Square Hippodrome site. The development included a dedicated live music venue; ‘The Matcham Room’. The future space was modelled using our CATT Acoustic three dimensional geometrical acoustic software to predict reverberation times and to enable early reflection analysis. Following results analysis and subsequent remodelling angled stage reflectors, diffuse balcony frontages and absorptive treatment to selected areas were all specified and incorporated into the design. Since completion, The Matcham Room has been praised in reviews for its excellent acoustics. “…the Hippodrome’s Matcham Room, a 180-seat performance space with excellent acoustics and jazzy ambience.” (C.J. Lazaretti, www.thisiscabaret.co.uk); “…an intimate club with great acoustics and lighting…” (www.cheriecity.co.uk)