About Us

Hann Tucker Associates Limited is one of the largest truly independent acoustic consultancy organisations in the United Kingdom. Formed in 1971, the company has undertaken consultancy briefs throughout the world and its clients include Architects, Developers, Consulting Engineers, Government Agencies and Industrialists. Our success and growth can be attributed to a practical, cost effective approach to acoustic consulting and the personal attention given to each client. We are widely accredited to relevant professional bodies, which includes UKAS accreditation (UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 4083) for sound insulation testing.

Noise and vibration control can only be successfully implemented if its requirements are fully integrated and co-ordinated with other design disciplines. This is most effectively achieved by an experienced independent professional acoustic consultant who will consider all aspects of a project and bring to bear detailed knowledge of the principles involved in effecting a solution.

Being fully aware of the problems facing other disciplines, the company has always adopted a practical and flexible approach to acoustics. In order to achieve the attention to detail necessary to control noise and vibration correctly, all commissions undertaken by Hann Tucker Associates are structured to include close liaison with the client and the appropriate consultant/contractor. In this way, cost effective realisation of specific recommendations is achieved.

Experts in Acoustics

Our field of specialty is acoustical engineering. We treat acoustics as a quantitative subject wherein results are predictable and subject to formulation. All recommendations made are developed on the basis of detailed theoretical analysis together with a liberal measure of sound professional experience.

We do not rely solely on experience, however, for the pace of technological change demands we remain fully conversant with the latest developments in our field, and not only our own field. We know the success of our design recommendations depend upon the ease with which they can be integrated into a general design. For this reason, we endeavour to keep up to date with the latest design methodology in both architecture and the related engineering disciplines, along with the latest construction techniques.

Unrivalled in terms of its scope, depth of analysis and exhaustive database, is the computer aided design facilities developed to assist us in our analysis. Previously time consuming and complicated calculations procedures have now been automated to the point whereby we can evaluate a large number of alternative design solutions in the time it would normally take to arrive at just one. Our clients can therefore be sure we are recommending the best most cost effective solution and not the one that has been easiest to develop.

Experienced Acousticians

Hann Tucker Associates approach to acoustic engineering has been applied to major international projects in countries as diverse as Abu Dhabi, Bahamas, Bahrain, Barbados, China, Egypt, France, Grand Cayman, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Yemen.

Our experience in major U.K. building development design is unrivalled and covers main development and tenancy contract responsibilities on many of the country's most prestigious commercial, residential, retail/leisure, transportation and regeneration projects. Acoustic consultant appointments have been undertaken on projects including canning/bottling, cigarette manufacturing, baking, brewing and printing facilities.

Equally extensive is our experience in environmental noise studies, having undertaken expert witness appointments in community noise injunctions, planning appeal hearings and Public Inquiries. Similar experience has been gained in construction and demolition site noise and vibration, including site monitoring and detailed liaison with contractors and Local Authorities.

We have also undertaken many acoustic design commissions on auditoria, conference facilities, multiplex cinemas, theatres, recording studios, T.V. centres and radio stations both in the U.K. and overseas.